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Former U.S. Government Attorney That Jailed Marc Emery Now Calling For Legalization

It’s Funny How Retirement Helps Justice Officials To Grow Testicles


The former U.S. government attorney who put pot activist Marc Emery behind bars joined on Wednesday (April 18, 2012) with Emery’s wife Jodie to call for the end of marijuana prohibition. Jodie is introduced and answers questions at 42:30


The press conference was organized by Stop the Violence BC, an activist group founded by Dr. Evan Wood that has had major success in acquiring high-profile endorsements for legalization.

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Anonymous OpCannabis 420 We Can’t Wait To See What Will Happen!

Whatever Happens To Assorted Anti Cannabis Sites Will Be Well Deserved For Their Years Of Lies To The People


The medical marijuana and legalization movements have taken a kicking lately especially by the DEA and the flip flopping U.S. President Barak Obama who has shown that the only change during his administration has been to his image as a credible leader to a puppet president like many before him.


But now, the cannabis community is being assisted by a powerful ally in the infamous hacker group “Anonymous,” which has been notorious for causing stress to those who truly deserve it.

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B.C. Premier Christy Clark Choses Silence Over Action With Advocates On Legalizing Marijuana

Former British Columbia Attorney Generals Write Letter Asking Her To Lend Her Voice To Legalizing And Regulating Cannabis.


Current B.C. Premier Christy Clark uses lame cop out to avoid likely what she might feel would be a career threatening stance on the legalizing of the drug. In a response to the letter from the Att. Generals she said “I am going to leave the marijuana debate to the federal government, it’s in their sole sphere of responsibility, so as a premier I respect that former attorneys general have taken this stand, people who are outside of politics, but as a premier I’m going to leave this to the federal government.”

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The Many Health Benefits of ingesting Cannabis Marijuana

New York City Once Again Cannabis Arrest Capitol Of The World

Despite NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s request for officers to stop making marijuana misdemeanor arrests.


Low level marijuana arrests in New York City rose for the seventh straight year in 2011 to 50,680. The arrest total is the highest total on record since former pot smoker Mayor Michael Bloomberg took office and it is the second highest total of pot arrests ever recorded in the history of the city (just 587 arrests behind the record holding year 2000, when Mayor Rudolph Giuliani oversaw some 51,267 people arrested for marijuana violations).

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